Is 2021 ready for me?

Anyone who knows me, knows I plan. - Mrs. Maisel

I started using Hobonichi for my 2019 planner, I got curious about what the hype was all about so I purchased it from Amazon. I loved it so much that I ended up buying another Hobonichi A6 English planner for 2020. So for 2021, it was a no brainer.

The only thing that was different this year was that I had so much time (quarantine) to research what my next planner should be. The Hobonichi Techo line has 4 different planners to choose from. With so much time in my hands, I had entered the rabbit hole Youtube reviews, unboxing, and flip-throughs related to the Hobonichi Techo planners.

After watching the videos and reading reviews, I decided to get the Hobonichi Techo A5 5-year journal. The idea of having one book to document 5 years of my life sounded very cool and interesting to me. I love looking at the 'On This Day' feature on Facebook and re-reading my old planners, so it was an easy decision to make. I did have some reservations though. What if I got tired of writing on the planner? What if something bad happened a certain day, do I get to relive the feeling every year? That sounds like torture. These are valid concerns, which I told myself, we'll figure it out when it happens.

Since I wanted to get the 5-year journal, I had to buy it from the website. This was my first time buying from the site and participating in the actual release date of the items. According to my research, some items might get sold out after one day. ONE DAY. To make sure that I will get my planner, I had to log in 15 minutes before the actual sale time (I live in the US, so this was August 31st ~8-9pm - sale time is Sept. 1st, Japan time). After 20 minutes, and a slight panic because I can't buy anything a minute after the sale started, my planner is purchased.

Knowing that we are in a pandemic and this is international shipping, I didn't expect my planner to arrive this month. As long as I get it before December 31st, I'll be happy. I got my package 2 weeks after I've placed my order. Christmas came early.

I got my planner but I didn't stop watching more unboxing videos since folks have been getting their 2021 hauls. Long story short, I ended up ordering accessories to go with my planner.

After two Hobonichi shipments, here's my happy haul:

  • A5 5-year journal with Search and Collect cover
  • 2021 Weekly supplement
  • Index Stickers
  • A5 pencil board
  • Bookmark - (which was too small for my A5. Didn't realize that I got the A6 bookmark, oh well)
I honestly think that I went a little extra with my planner for next year but I love it. I'm excited to fill those pages with all the feelings, plans, and things - I also purchased a photo printer so I can put pictures. Looking forward to the next year!

2021 - I'm ready for you, are you ready for me?

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