New Post

So. Here I go again. 

I am known to be very impulsive with some of my purchases and this is one of them. Am I going to regret this? I hope not.

Why am I back - boredom? Maybe. This quarantine gave me a chance to figure out what I love/enjoy doing while being stuck at home. I started cross-stitching, which I'll probably write about. I've been getting back into planners and stationaries. I'm planning on learning the guitar, emphasis on the "planning". I am trying to keep myself busy while at home. 

Why am I back - is it because I saw my "" sticker on my record player which triggered to search if my domain is available? Yes, that's pretty much why. Thanks to Google Domains for having my credit card information saved, which made the purchase so much easier.

Why am I back - I miss writing. I miss telling stories. I miss having a space on the world wide web just to dump all my thoughts without a 280 character limit - yes, I am active on Twitter now too. You can follow me there.

So yeah. I am back.

We'll see how this one goes. :)


  1. Yey! First comment naman ako! Haha! Welcome back!