Blackpink is definitely in the area

If you're a Blink like me, then you know that is it a really BIG DEAL that Blackpink is releasing a full-length album and not just EPs. October 2nd can't get here fast enough. 

I saw them live back in 2019 at Fort Worth. My sister and I went and it was just wow. The energy, the songs, hearing 'As If It's Your Last' live and watching Lisa tear down the stage just made my day. Every time I am asked who my bias is, I would just point to my Lisa Simpson shirt and I would get the same reaction - "That's smart". 

I don't even know when I started listening to their music - late 2016, early 2017 maybe? I was still mad at YG for disbanding my OG group, 2NE1. I figured I'll give Blackpink a chance.

So yeah, here we are, day of the album release. I have my BI-ping-bong ready and I hit play. Jisoo rapping?! and she's got more English lines, Rosé with her AMAZING vocals, Lisa being perfect, and Jennie the main rapper is back. Jisoo is the ultimate bias wrecker.

MY GIRLS DELIVERED. This album was worth the wait.

This is a happy day. My Blink heart is happy.

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